6 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life with Cushions

Propped up and sitting humbly over there in the corner, the ‘cushion’ speaks for itself. It makes a statement all of its own through its soft, bold and plump exterior.

Let me ask you, are you satisfied with the overall look and feel of your living spaces? Do you get the nagging feeling that it’s incomplete in some way, or requires a little something extra? It may be that you are missing a spot of colour or haven’t quite yet found that finishing touch. Perhaps something as simple as a cushion can solve this, as it holds the ability to bring your room back to life, effortlessly.

Do not underestimate how cushions can dramatically impact the look and feel of a room. The beauty of them is that good quality cushions are a relatively inexpensive way to refresh your existing spaces – no fancy furniture required. Although, there is a bit more of a knack to getting this right than you think. The art of perfecting the right cushion arrangement takes some time, consideration, creativity and attention to detail.

I’ve put together my “6 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life with Cushions” to help you reach your home’s desired look and unravel the magical way a few cushions can effortlessly transform the dullest of rooms.

1. Select your colour palette.

Firstly, we need to talk about colour. Colour can induce emotions when decorating a room, so it is imperative that you choose a colour that best meets your intentions. I know it can be tempting to turn to magazines for inspiration, but I encourage you first to sit down and have a think about what colours genuinely resonate with you. You should be asking yourself “What colours lift my mood?”

For some practical advice, I would suggest incorporating your room’s existing colour palette and make sure your cushions include an element of it. Try using a maximum of three-cushion colours or three designs of similar tone. Choose an odd number of feature cushions and compliment with plain solid colour cushions. And remember, you can change and mix these with the seasons too!

2. Think about how many cushions you want, and mix up shapes and sizes.

The number of cushions to use comes down to personal preference depending on your taste and style. However, there are many different ways of creating an eye-pleasing cushion arrangement. For example, when styling my client’s arrangement I often add a strong base, add another layer, then complete the look with a statement cushion. This can be unique print or design such as floral, faux fur or sequins.

We then need to decide if we prefer a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. When it comes to decorating I am a big lover of asymmetrical, so I stick with an even number on both sides. I find this offers an eye-pleasing proportion without cluttering the couch too much. For the slightly quirkier and bolder personality, you can be a bit more of a daredevil by having an odd number both sides.

3. Play with textures and patterns.

I adore the look and feel of different textures and patterns. I have always been fascinated by the ways they ever so subtly influence the vibe of a room. The fun part here is that you can be a little playful. Experiment with lots of beautiful fabrics and textures to eventually create a nice contrast. This helps set the tone for the style you desire in your space.

Try mixing similar patterns with different colours, or similar colours with a variety of designs. You can also hunt for interesting textured fabrics that add a touch of your personality to a room. Think of mixing cotton, fleece, leather, velvet, linen, faux fur, chenille, and other materials – the could all find a place within your home’s decor.

4. Place cushions in your child’s room.

Kids love cushions. Get creative and complete your little one’s bedroom with a decorative cushion in fun patterns and colours. Not only does it make their space more interesting, but it puts a smile on their faces too.

As a child, I will always remember the satisfying feeling of lounging around on my big and bright giant animal-shaped cushions without a care in the world. If you’re lucky, it may even make bedtime a little more exciting for them, (and therefore, easier for you!).

Think about what some of your children’s favourite things are, and I can guarantee that they will adore their favourite things in the form of a cushion. You can also get experimental where you place them in your children’s bedroom. Place them on their bed, on a chair, or perhaps even pile them up in a cosy little teepee.

5. Place cushions on big chairs and window seats.

After a long day, I love snuggling up on my favourite chair cradling a hot cup of tea and sinking myself between two big cosy cushions. Cushions make your sitting experience more enjoyable by adding a layer of comfort, and they immediately jazz up the most average of chairs. And whether you live in a two-bedroom bungalow or a beach house, you’ll love the benefits offered by a window seat, and when topped with a few plump pillows they make the perfect little homey haven to nap, read, daydream or merely sit and gaze at the landscape and sky.

6. Get them custom-made!

A well-made cushion can change turn a drab piece of furniture it an eye-catching piece, and sometimes we fall in love with certain fabrics or textures that we just cannot resist. So why not custom-make them into bespoke cushions filled with you absolute favourite inner (did anyone say goose down feathers?)

Custom-making cushions provide an exciting and original way of decorating, and the best part is that its results are reflective of your tastes and style. It can be purely authentic to you and no one else! Select and incorporate your favourite fabrics, colours, textures and patterns into your very own cushion. I should also mention that they’re a great talking point with guests.

One of the many services I offer here at Emma Brown Design is working closely with clients to bring forth a feature of their decor dreams and turn it into a reality – in this case, a big, beautiful and comfy cushion. To arrange your very own bespoke cushion (or set of cushions), you can contact me here or phone me on 021 721 410

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing these tips with you, and I hope from this you can take away some new ideas and some inspiration to think about your living space – have you completed the overall look and feel of your living space, or does it require something a little extra, like a humble cushion?

To finish, let’s click our heels together three times and say ‘There’s no place like home’ and you’ll be there…

Until next time,